How is the money handled?

The money donated to Mustang Rugby Inc. (MRI) is put into a Wells Fargo Checking/Savings account opened and operated by MRI.  This general fund helps to offset annual costs in the CPRFC budget.

What costs does this money help with?

The money from the MRI account will help to cover things like equipment (jerseys, balls, etc.), travel, coaching stipends, trainers, player/coaching clinics, field costs, video equipment, and league dues. 

Check out a detailed breakdown of the club’s expenses here.

Don’t player dues cover all of this stuff already?

The money raised by player dues alone is not enough to cover all of the needs of the team on an annual basis.  The annual club operating budget is around $78,000 and the money collected from dues only equates to about $40,000 — this leaves a huge hole that needs to be filled.

Who decides how the money will be spent?

The MRI Board of Directors and the Alumni Committee in conjunction with the CP Coaching Staff and the Club Officers determine how the money in the MRI account is spent.

Why should I donate to MRI?

By joining MRI’s monthly donation program, not only do you receive the tax benefits for making a charitable donation, but you are creating a legacy that ensures CPRFC will have the financial support to compete with the top teams in the nation and continue to be a source of pride for those who have stepped on the pitch for Cal Poly.

Are the monthly transactions secure?

Donations made through www.mustangrugby.org are completely safe. Check out more information on Donorbox by clicking here.

If I don’t want to enroll in the monthly donation, can I still contribute to Mustang Rugby, Inc.?

In a word: Yes.  If you do not want to enroll in the monthly donation, you can still make a tax-deductible donation on an annual basis (or as often as you would like).  You can either click on the One Time Donation link, or you can write a check.  Checks can be made out to Mustang Rugby Inc. and mailed to:

Mustang Rugby, Inc.
10 Davis
Irvine, CA, 92620.