Founders Club

Founders Club members posing with their green jackets at the Parents & Alumni banquet event on Nov. 16, 2019. New members Neil Crawford (far left) and Ray Dearborn (far right) were inducted that night at American Legion Post 66 in San Luis Obispo, Calif.

The Founders Club is a group of exceptional former Cal Poly Rugby players who have made significant contributions to the club in one manner or another. Members are inducted based on (1) a high level of play or leadership during their years at Cal Poly, (2) U.S. Eagles status, which is the United States’ national rugby team, or (3) contributions to the club, either through Mustang Rugby Inc., special projects for the club which benefited the program in some way, or fundraising.

* Indicates posthumous induction.

Inducted, 2008

Charles Zanoli
Rob Fraser
Kevin Higgins*

Inducted, 2009

Pat McAweeney
Vic Rivera
Phil Northcraft

Inducted, 2010

Doug Smith
John Vlahandreas
Dave Sturges

Inducted, 2011

Tony Petruzzella
Tom Bobrink*

Inducted, 2012

Jason Lauritsen
Ron Rosser
Nick Massman

Inducted, 2013

Mike Gossett
Marty Self

Inducted, 2014

Steve Arnold
Mike Nunno

Inducted, 2015

Rick Schorer
Jim Montano

Inducted, 2016

Brian Barnard
Eric Rasch

Inducted, 2017

Ron Bass
Lin Price*

Inducted, 2018

Steve Timsack
Mike Ranney

Inducted, 2019

Ray Dearborn
Neil Crawford

Inducted, 2021

Pat Mulcaire
John Kunz

Inducted, 2022

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