CP Rugby Newsletter 02/06/24

Greetings from Cal Poly Rugby, 

Welcome to the second edition of the biweekly Cal Poly Rugby Newsletter. We had quite an eventful last couple of weeks covering hundreds of miles in California  and competing in two league games. Two weekends ago we travelled down to San Diego and trounced both their A and B sides winning the first game 89-5 and the second 78-0. The fun didn’t stop there as we all piled into the team bus to drive home, and much to the chagrin of Coach OB had music blaring the whole way back. 


The following weekend we went upstate to take care of business in Santa Clara. We followed the previous week’s league win with another. We defeated Santa Clara handedly with A side winning 78-21 and B side 44-7. We now head into this weekend looking to take on Santa Cruz and extend our winning streak in league. 

Lastly, I would like to highlight our upcoming Super Bowl squares. The players are doing their part to raise money for the team by continuing the tradition this year. Each square is $50 and we are shooting to fill two grids. The payouts will be $150 Q1, $200 Q2, $150 Q3, and $300 Q4. Below is the grid, if you have any preferences on box number, please email declanxwalsh@gmail.com. You can purchase a box by Venmoing @CalPolyRugby-Club. The team will add the score combinations and send out the final filled grids on the Saturday before SB Sunday! These funds will help make the back half of our season a success!

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